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Music and visuals are inseparable, at least that's what growing up with sight-sound synesthesia led me to believe. The ability to see color through sound put me in a rainbow state of endless daydreaming. Every sound I could hear was being recreated right before my eyes in vibrant moving colors, as if everything I looked at was being seen through a pair of secret sonic eyes.  Whether it was drawing on a piece of paper with a crayon or playing chords on my guitar, synesthesia influenced the way I like to render my surroundings in my art  to recreate it in vibrant colors and patterns. 


 Photo by  @synesthesiaimages

Having the intention to see reality beyond what it is presented as brought me to surrealism and fantasy, which has had a crucial role in my visual style.  I would imagine surreal characters and landscapes through free association of the sound, drawing inspiration a variety of art styles such as classical Japanese art, Buddhist art, anime, taino art, surrealism, sci-fi, punk and metal posters, Adult Swim animations, hip hop, anime, video games, and psychedelia, all of which have influenced my music as well. My maximalist approach to my art is meant to bring constant surprise to the viewer and listener, making them revisit the work in order to find things they may have missed. I hope this playfulness and slight sense of mystery brings a sense of fun surprise for the audience, as if they're playing with the art itself.


Jorge Andres Santos, creatively known as Moss Head, is a visual artist and musician from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  His art practice first began by recreating and rendering the patterns he visualized from the sounds in music he would hear, as well as redrawing his favorite anime characters.  He moved to Baltimore in 2013 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where he sought a degree in General Fine Arts and Illustration, while also taking sound art and design elective courses. 

Jorge’s work now expands in the forms of illusionist painting, illustration, graphic art, music, DJing, and installations. His work has been seen in the street walls, live painting events, and underground music venues of Baltimore City. Moss Head is currentlyworking as a freelance artist based in Baltimore, MD.

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