My work explores the art of psychedelia, detailed and eccentric character design,  intricate linework, surreal storytelling, Buddhist themes, dreamlike environments expressed in vibrant color, modern illustration, and whimsical cartooning. The emotion in my art is dark yet serene, ranging in themes such as death, meditation, spirituality, music, surrealism, hallucinatory visions, nature scenes, fantasy and modern media in pop culture. 

Growing up with sight-sound synesthesia put me in a state of endless colorful daydreaming. Every sound I could hear was being recreated right before my eyes in vibrant moving colors, as if everything I looked at was being seen through a pair of secret eyes that could only see sound.  This symbiotic relationship between senses  took over my overall perception of what "the real world" is supposed to look like and has since challenged me to look at it through its infinite potential beyond its current state. 

 Photo by Jason Sage @synesthesiaimages

Whether it was drawing on a piece of paper with a crayon or playing chords on my guitar, synesthesia influenced the way I like to render my surroundings in my art  to recreate it in vibrant colors and patterns.  Having the intention to see reality beyond what it is brought me to surrealism and fantasy, which has had a crucial role in my visual style.  I would imagine surreal characters and landscapes through free association of the sound, drawing inspiration from the traditional styles such as classical Japanese art, Buddhist art, German expressionism, Indigenous art, as well as the modern arts of pop surrealism, sci-fi, punk and metal posters, adult animation, hip hop, graphic novels, video games, and psychedelia, all of which have influenced my music as well. Whether the work is on canvas or sculpture or song, each piece is an attempt to break the illusions that separate us from the world we live in and the potential in it that we are used to not seeing.  With each artwork, I invite viewers and listeners to grow closer to realizing their own infinite potential of creativity and free association, which will, in return, encourage others to explore their own daydreams and to be conscious of the beauty into the visually intangible now.


Jorge Andres Santos, creatively known as Moss Head, is a visual artist and musician from San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Growing up with sight-sound synesthesia brought him to pursue a career in both visual art and music, his art practice first began by recreating and rendering the patterns he visualized from the sounds in music he would here, as well as the sounds he created with a guitar.  He moved to Baltimore in 2013 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), where he sought a degree in General Fine Arts and Illustration, while also taking sound art and design elective courses. 

Jorge’s work now expands in the forms of illusionist painting, illustration, design, sound design, live music, live painting, sculpture, uv installations, and occasional murals. His work has been seen in the street walls, live painting events, and underground music venues of Baltimore City.  Currently, Moss Head is working as a freelance artist based in Baltimore, MD.


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