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Music and visuals are intimately intertwined, and as a synesthete, I experience this connection in a unique and colorful way. I am able to see the hues and movements of sound, creating a kaleidoscopic universe of endless wonder. My art is a reflection of this sensory experience, as I use vibrant colors and intricate patterns to capture the essence of the world around me.


Ultimately, I hope to bring a sense of playful surprise and wonder to my audience, inviting them to immerse themselves in the art and experience it in their own unique way.

My fascination with the surreal and fantastic stems from my desire to see beyond the surface of things. I draw inspiration from a range of artistic styles, including classical Japanese art, Buddhist art, anime, taino art, surrealism, sci-fi, punk and metal posters, Adult Swim animations, hip hop, anime, video games, and psychedelia. This eclectic mix informs my music as well, and together they create a maximalist approach that encourages viewers to explore the work over and over again, discovering new details with each viewing.

 Photo by  @synesthesiaimages


Jorge Andres Santos, known as Moss Head, is a visual artist and musician based in Baltimore, Maryland. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, he began creating art by reproducing the patterns he perceived from the sounds in music, and drawing his favorite anime characters. After moving to Baltimore in 2013 to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art, Jorge expanded his artistic repertoire to include illustration, graphic design, sound art, and more.

Moss Head's work has been displayed in various venues around Baltimore, including live painting events, street walls, and underground music venues. He currently works as a freelance artist and is available for commissions and to purchase original pieces. For further information, contact Jorge at or through his website. A resume of his work is also available to view on his site.

Click here to see the artist's resume.  To contact the artist about commissions or purchasing original artwork, send an email to or leave a message on the page text box.


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