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This is a UV reactive sound world that I created based on my sight-sound synesthesia, which is a cross between senses that allows me to visualize almost any sound.  The environment and sculptures are based on an ambient music EP that I created.  The sculptures represent the blissful isolation that music brings to its listener.  Using UV LED lights that change color according to the vibration of the ambient music in the space, the viewer enters a sonic world that is constantly moving.  The audience is introduced to the installation by first discovering this figure on the ground who's head has exploded on the ground, leaving a trace of glowing uv colors on the ground that leads to the soundscape I created.  This ground paint is then seen climbing up the walls interacting with the paintings and sculptures, therefore connecting all visual elements of the installation.  In this space the audience is free to sit down and relax on some floor pillows I've provided to offer a more meditative experience.  Viewers who enter the space are now experiencing the unity between the vibration of sound, color, and patterns, which puts them in a state where light, sound, painting, and sculpture are synonymous and interconnected.

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